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Meet Jenn

Founder | Mentor | Advocate

Hey y'all!!  I'm Jenn.  I'm a recovered alcoholic, co-dependent, and people-pleaser.  You name it, and I’ve tried it as a solution to my problems.  Spoiler alert...none of it worked but God did.

As an adult child of a chaotic, dysfunctional family, I was riddled with anxiety, a desire to people-please, self-esteem issues, and no boundaries to protect myself physically, mentally, or emotionally. 


There was a gaping hole inside of me that no amount of alcohol, relationships, drugs, or achievement could fill.  Nothing worked and the void seemed to increase, along with my drinking.


I reached an emotional bottom in 2014, and sought help for my alcoholism.  Sobriety gave me the gift of a new life and a freedom I'd never known.  I threw myself into recovery, read over 25 books, went to therapy, and found a relationship with God that filled the void I'd had since childhood.  


My career flourished and my relationships were healthy and happy.  God had done for me what I could not have done for myself.

I started dating my now husband in 2017.  We developed a loving, healthy, God-centered relationship.  This was just another example of the miracle God has provided me in recovery.  

We got married in January 2019, and I became a stepmom to two teenagers.  Being part of a blended family is an awesome opportunity for growth.  Again, God walked me through the fire,  and helped me become stronger in my faith.

God also put people in my life along this journey to help me see Him.  He has given me the strength to face my faults and insecurities, to learn from them, and grow into the woman He would have me be.  My desire is to pass along this gift that I’ve been given to help others recover.

Through the experiences of life, I continue to be refined by the fire and recovered by God to serve His purpose.  It is my hope that by sharing my past, others will see God’s light and the hope for a brighter future.

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